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This is a sponsorship for a Rider, a horse, or a Service Veteran Rider at
Reins of Hope a 501c3 non profit organization.   By purchase you agree that
your debit / credit card will be charged 28.00 USD on the 3rd of every
month.   You agree to a 2 month minimum and after that can be cancelled at
anytime by emailing management@jakegill.net Your sponsorship is 100 % tax
deductible and you will receive an annual giving statement at the end of the
100 % of your donation goes to........................

THE RIDER  Your sponsorship of a rider helps to cover the expenses of tuition
and safety equipment for a child with physical, mental and emotional

THE HORSE Your sponsorship of a horse helps to cover the expenses of
boarding, feed, veterinary care, and training for a horse  that aides in the
treatment of a child with physical, mental and emotional challenges

US SERVICE VETERAN Recent studies have shown that therapeutic riding
can revers the effect of PTSD in veterans.  Your sponsorship of a veteran
helps to cover the cost of
tuition and safety equipment for a US VET suffering
from PTSD
How  do I know my Donation or
Sponsorship gets to the organization???

In an effort of transparency, we will disclose the amount of Jake's
collected donations and a reference number that can be verified with
the correlating non profit organization.  Individual sponsorships will
receive receipts and end of the year statements from the organization

Project AK 47 Donations
$1,000.  Donation Number 13591883
$1,000   Donation Number 13087265
$450.00 Donation Number 11868390
$50.00   Donation Number 11868362
$1000  Donation Number 11015411
$500      Donation Number 10806989
$1000    Donation Number 10115149

Over 72 children sponsored with a value equivalent of $2000.00
lifetime value. Jake has helped raise over a predicted $140,000.00

Reins of Hope
$500  Donation Number 242499
$500  Donation Number 230533

$500  Donation Number 164950